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Who Am I?

I'm kirit Modi and I would like to share my feelings and my goal too.


I had a car-accident 7 years back & I am a Spinally - injured person (Paraplegic-level T-7) since then.
Apart from other problems,I used to face frequent, recurrent UTI problems with high puss-cells build - up & lots of bleeding. I have Neurogenic Bladder. It followed Urinary Reflux Problem further damaging my kidney. To reduce back-pressure , I underwent Sphicterotomy & Bladder -neck Incission Operations.

Still I had to go through regular medicinal dose (e.g. Norfloxacin, Ciprofloxacin etc.) with many side-effects. Also, doctors told me that it will be life-long for me and slowly I've to go for high-Spectrum type drug as gradually bacterias develop resistance to drugs.

It was too much really!!!

My Mission

Now , I wish this drug to reach millions of needy people around the world.

However, I don't want to go through all approval, legal proof marketing network etc. jargon.

So, I offer it on individdual basis only.

I request that no marketing agency or distributers etc. should contact me on this unless they are ready to accept max. take home price to patients not exceeding 10% over my sales price.

This is to avoid undue price exploitation of needy people around.

Break Through Drug

Now, with much explorations, I have a new herbal-based ayurvedic (a branch of alternative medicine) drug with magical results!!!

For the last year I have had no UTI at all!!!

It's quite low-cost but above all it cures without any side-effects!!!

Success-rate found is almost 92%. Perhaps it doesn't work when there is too much kidney-damage.

It works well with males & females.